7dBi interline HORIZON mini WLAN omnidirectional Antenne (Rundstrahlantenne) outdoor 2,4GHz

Artikelnummer: INT-HOR-7/24-V

7dBi interline HORIZON mini WLAN omnidirectional Antenne (Rundstrahlantenne) outdoor 2,4GHz

Kategorie: Outdoor-Antennen 2,4GHz

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base station omnidirectional antenna

antenna overview

HORIZON series antennas are one of the most famous omnidirectional antennas available on the market. Carefully constructed, small, perfectly suited for the base stations of medium-range using a single access point. In locations where there is a large number of other networks, particular attention should be on the selection of the proper range for the cells and antennas should not have too big gain, because the access points connected to them are likely to receive unwanted signals coming to them from distant networks.



product code INT-HOR-7/24-V
frequency 2400-2500MHz
impedance 50O
VSWR (max) 1.7
polarization vertical
gain 7dBi
beamwidth (-3dB): horizontal 360°
beamwidth (-3dB): vertical 24°
lighting protection shorted for DC



dimensions (excl. mounting) 360x25mm
weight (incl. mounting) 0.28kg
connector N female
mounting diameter ø 38...51mm
wind load (170km/h) 14 N


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